Honest, effective, flexible.
It’s fitness, evolved.


Explore our dynamic range of classes designed to complement each other and your results.


Work your body with 45 minutes of high-energy, intense conditioning. A full mobilising warm-up is the foundation for a dynamic circuit that combines weights and floor work to challenge you right to the core. Built for strength, stamina, agility – and all-round athleticism. Feel the burn. Enjoy the effects.


True all-round fitness: 45 minutes of high intensity interval training, developed for cardio, strength and endurance. Combines a varying sequence of weights and floor exercises with rowing intervals. You’ll build strength, burn fat and test your mental resilience like no other class. Class formats change twice weekly.


Cycle blends high-octane power and pace, for a full body workout. Lose yourself as you push through the climb, saddle up in the sprint and move to the beat of expertly curated playlists. Take it to the next level with in-class challenges, live metrics and individual performance tracking tools. Dig deep. Embrace that post-class high.


Put your whole body to the test. Time under tension and long intervals build muscular endurance, a strong core and a lean physique. Flow through the moves to hone balance, coordination and boost strength. By your body, for your body.


Fast-flowing calm and control meets strength and flexibility. From the mat, for life. 55 minutes.

In Studio 4. A powerful addition to our headline classes, you’ll work through a series of postures and holds that will improve both body and mind.


Classic pilates and ballet techniques combined, for better movement, body alignment and core strength.

In Studio 4. Concise, considered and conscious movements to strengthen the body from within. Move through different positions and exercises using your body weight and props.


In this 55 minute class, you will work through both upper and lower body muscle groups to aid mobility, recovery and prevent injury.

Classes are floor-based, working through a combination of passive and active stretches, and designed to be accessible and relaxing for all levels of flexibility. Regular Stretch classes will help you build a practical flexibility programme into your training regime enabling you to reach your full performance potential.