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BoxMaster® is the latest training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike. Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster is great for improving stamina, coordination, agility and cardiovascular health. Its unique design allows members to throw any punch or combination of punches, with the feel of hitting a focus mitt. Catering to all user levels, the BoxMaster® will encourage greater boxing style fitness participation.

In just 30 minutes, through 7 active rounds of punching and 7 active recovery rounds you will hit every aspect of conditioning both aerobically and anaerobically. This new form of boxing style conditioning excites and encourage greater participation in group fitness training and will help improve member retention by offering an entirely different way to get in shape.



• 12 perfectly positioned striking pads to accommodate a variety of specific punches

• Proprietary spring arm design provides optimal strike absorption for maximum efficiency and injury prevention

• Total body conditioning based on a 7 round system or 30 minute session

• Provides a comprehensive target pad training protocol allowing one trainer to work effectively with multiple clients

• 4 towers for an effective small group exercise environment

• Adjustable tower and pads make BoxMaster a perfect fit for heights 5’0″ to 6’10” (152.4 cm to 208 cm)

• Ideal for small group revenue generating programs

• Optional base and optional kick pad available (sold separately)

Length: 30 in (76 cm)
Width: 33 in (84 cm)
Height: 82 in (208 cm)
Product Weight: 246 lbs (112 kg)
SKU: 9BM-9401


From the makers of the toughest workouts in the gym, comes a fierce High Intensity Interval Training program that will leave your members hurting for more.

HIIT has seen a massive growth in popularity and many fitness experts believe it is here to stay, due largely in part to it’s numerous scientifically backed health benefits, shorter time investment, ability to motivate participants through an engaging group environment and option to incorporate group competition. Have your trainers and coaches HIIT certified by our Master Trainers leverage our unique HIIT products to attract members and learn to market your own exciting HIIT program to create a new source of revenue for your facility.


BoxMaster is the latest training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts. Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster is great for improving stamina, coordination and cardiovascular health. Its unique design allows members to throw any punch or combination of punches, with the feel of hitting a focus mitt.

“Highly commended – best newcomer”


“Best boutique gym in London for a luxurious experience”


“BLOK’s barre class provides near instant toning results…swan lake on steroids”



BLOK Clapton is located in a refurbished Victorian Tram Depot. The original bare brick walls, vaulted ceilings, iron pillars and original tram lines are contrasted with a sleek and functional architectural style. There are three studios, a cafe / gallery area, and well appointed changing rooms. This is the original BLOK that defined the vision, and developed the community around the brand.

At BLOK we believe that training is about more than just breaking a sweat. All our classes focus on building skills, improving technique and achieving constant progression. We have over 160 classes a week and over 50 of london’s top instructors. All our classes are run by specialists in their field.

blok clapton

clapton tram depot 38-40 upper clapton road e5 8bq

020 3621 2151 /


On the border of shoreditch and the city, just 3 minutes walk from liverpool street station, BLOK shoreditch is situated in the norman foster designed principal place development. Multidisciplinary and modern, this is the second location for BLOK london, where award-winning boutique fitness meets art, design and fashion.

Hosting an array of classes seen previously in clapton as well as introducing new challenges designed specifically for the new space, BLOK shoreditch offers over 180 classes per week with 32 different types of class. The space also boasts a 60-seater café that comprises a gallery and retail space.

blok shoreditch

principal place 2 hearn street ec2a 3br

020 7247 8024 /

Salome 2018

Honest, effective, flexible.
It’s fitness, evolved.


Explore our dynamic range of classes designed to complement each other and your results.


Work your body with 45 minutes of high-energy, intense conditioning. A full mobilising warm-up is the foundation for a dynamic circuit that combines weights and floor work to challenge you right to the core. Built for strength, stamina, agility – and all-round athleticism. Feel the burn. Enjoy the effects.


True all-round fitness: 45 minutes of high intensity interval training, developed for cardio, strength and endurance. Combines a varying sequence of weights and floor exercises with rowing intervals. You’ll build strength, burn fat and test your mental resilience like no other class. Class formats change twice weekly.


Cycle blends high-octane power and pace, for a full body workout. Lose yourself as you push through the climb, saddle up in the sprint and move to the beat of expertly curated playlists. Take it to the next level with in-class challenges, live metrics and individual performance tracking tools. Dig deep. Embrace that post-class high.


Put your whole body to the test. Time under tension and long intervals build muscular endurance, a strong core and a lean physique. Flow through the moves to hone balance, coordination and boost strength. By your body, for your body.


Fast-flowing calm and control meets strength and flexibility. From the mat, for life. 55 minutes.

In Studio 4. A powerful addition to our headline classes, you’ll work through a series of postures and holds that will improve both body and mind.


Classic pilates and ballet techniques combined, for better movement, body alignment and core strength.

In Studio 4. Concise, considered and conscious movements to strengthen the body from within. Move through different positions and exercises using your body weight and props.


In this 55 minute class, you will work through both upper and lower body muscle groups to aid mobility, recovery and prevent injury.

Classes are floor-based, working through a combination of passive and active stretches, and designed to be accessible and relaxing for all levels of flexibility. Regular Stretch classes will help you build a practical flexibility programme into your training regime enabling you to reach your full performance potential.




Combines powerful breath with powerful movements, working your strength and flexibility in equal measure. Traditional Yoga range of movement with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate, and help your mental state.


Fast and furious, build with the beat. Toning strength exercises with high-energy punchbag work, firing your metabolism to burn extra calories for hours.


Intervals, tempo, catch the beat – the most focused cardio workout in town, specifically designed to strengthen the core and tone the whole body whilst burning maximum calories.

Two individually-designed, central London boutique fitness studios providing the very best Yoga, Cycle and HIIT classes in town.


4-10 Tower Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NP

Nearest tube stations: Leicester Square 2 mins, Covent Garden 4 mins, Tottenham Court Road 7 mins


40 Coleman street, London EC2R 5EH

Nearest tube stations: Bank 2 mins, Monument 4 mins, Cannon Street 6 mins

Salome 2018

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Centrum® Silver® Women

Centrum® Silver® Women is personalized for women and has nutrients to help support bone health as well as the heart,+§ brain and eyes. As women age, it becomes more important to reach the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D and calcium to help maintain bone strength.Centrum® Silver® Women is now verified non-GMO and gluten free.

Centrum® Silver® Men

Centrum® Silver® Men is personalized for men and has nutrients to help support muscle function as well as the heart, brain and eyes. As men age, it becomes more important to get adequate amounts of magnesium and vitamins D and B6 to help maintain muscle health. Centrum® Silver® Men is now verified non-GMO and gluten free.

Centrum® Silver® Adults

Centrum® Silver® Adults is a complete multivitamin with essential nutrients, like vitamin D, that help support bone strength and muscle health. Plus, Centrum® Silver® Adults is now verified non-GMO and gluten free.

Centrum® Silver® Chewables

The chewable tablet contains 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, Centrum Silver Chewables applies the latest nutritional science to bring you an age-adjusted multivitamin with key nutrients to help support your heart, brain and eyes.

Vitamin & Mineral Needs: 50+

Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD


They say turning 50 is a milestone, and it is, if only because certain nutrient needs change at this juncture of life. You may notice no difference in your health, or your energy level, but nutrition experts say this is an important time to evaluate your diet so that you can be as active as you like.

Here are some of the most important mid-life changes in vitamin and mineral needs for men and women, as determined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12’s many functions include helping to produce red blood cells, making DNA, and supporting heart health and the nervous system. You don’t need more vitamin B12 after age 50, but you do need a different type of this important nutrient.

Men and women over age 50 should get most of the suggested daily vitamin B12 from dietary supplements or from foods with added vitamin B12, such as breakfast cereal. Here’s why. After 50, many people absorb less of the naturally-occurring vitamin B12 from foods, such as meat, milk, and eggs. That’s because the body produces less stomach acid, which is necessary to absorb vitamin B12 in its natural form. Synthetic vitamin B12, the type added to fortified foods and dietary supplements, can be absorbed without stomach acid.

Vitamin B6

The need for vitamin B6, which helps support your energy level and contributes to heart health, goes up slightly after age 50 for men and women. Vitamin B6 is found in an array of animal and plant foods. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means your body doesn’t store it and you need to consume it every day. A balanced diet with a variety of fresh and lightly processed foods helps to satisfy your vitamin B6 needs.

Vitamin D

Suggested vitamin D intakes don’t change during mid-life for men or women, but vitamin D is worth mentioning because it’s involved in keeping bones fracture-free so that you can stay active.


Your body makes vitamin D in response to strong sunlight.  In theory, you can produce all the vitamin D you need for the year with a few minutes of direct exposure to the sun a few times weekly during the summer months.

In reality, many people do not produce the required vitamin D, and many fail to get what they need from food, largely because they avoid the foods richest in vitamin D,

such as fortified milk. It’s wise to consider dietary supplements to help you meet vitamin D needs. With time, even slight shortfalls in vitamin D jeopardize bone strength.


Calcium supports bone health, heart health, and normal muscle contraction. As women experience the loss of estrogen, a hormone that promotes and preserves bone health, their calcium needs increase. After 50, a woman’s calcium needs increase to 1,200 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily, while suggested intakes for men remain at 1,000 mg until age 70. Each serving of dairy – 8 ounces milk or yogurt, and 1 ? ounces of hard cheese, such as cheddar – supplies about 300 mg of calcium.


As part of red blood cells, iron is necessary to deliver oxygen to cells in all parts of the body. Many women of childbearing age are prone to iron-deficiency due to monthly blood losses that deplete iron from the body. After age 50, which is about the time that menopause starts, a woman’s daily iron need drops from 18 to eight milligrams (mg) a day. Men continue to need eight mg a day after age 50. When making dietary changes, it’s important to remember that you’re a work in progress. Your 50th birthday is a turning point that offers the opportunity to better support your energy level.